The traditional goal of procurement – cost efficiencies, is being replaced with a focus on vendor contribution to wider business goals by joint leveraging of customers, supply chains or intellectual property.

Block chain has arrived, and is being adopted in everything from contract management to distribution & logistics. This means radical change for traditional procurement and supply chain practices is on the horizon. Within the next 10-15 years many practices will be absorbed in the adoption of shared services and business automation delivering improved spend control, data management and governance through incorporating AI and block chain technologies.

As a consultancy with a focus strategy and technology we are observing a move away from centralised operating models to collaborative and distributed decision making. And an increased awareness of the benefit of “as a service” access to expertise. This year we have been working with our partners, Mptorem and Negometrix to offer clients expertise and business automation as a service – online. And we’ve obtained endorsement to offer this service to government clients.

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